HotShot Comparison

The HotShot Dish Heater Kit is an exclusive patented* low voltage electric satellite dish heater currently available for almost every DIRECTV, DISH Network, Wild Blue, and HughesNet antenna as well as most Commercial Satellite antennas. By using the HotShot Dish Heater, you will prevent the buildup of snow and ice that can lead to service outage due to signal loss. When you compare the competition, they just don’t come close to the performance you get with a HotShot Dish Heater.

Comparison Points HotShot Satellite Dish Heater Ice Zapper Brought to You by Skyvision Inc. Explanation
1 Year Warranty Yes Yes
Low Voltage Product Yes No HotShot incorporates a safe low voltage 24 VAC power supply. Ice Zapper requires the use of a 120 Volt AC power cord which will need to be connected to an additional extension cord in order to reach a power source. This power cord should be connected to a GFI outlet to prevent the risk of accidental shock.
Heat disbursed over large surface area Yes No HotShot Heaters incorporate 56 square inches of Etched foil resistance heater blanket that covers 90% of the antenna surface. Ice Zapper only incorporates (2) thin strips placed side by side providing very small heat disbursement compared to the Hot Shot.
Sensor that reads antenna temperature Yes No HotShot incorporates an automatic thermostat located on the antenna surface so that the heat is turned on when the antenna surface reaches 39 degrees. Ice Zapper has a sensor that is located on the extension cord which cannot read the actual antenna surface temp.
LNBF support arm heater (option available) Yes No HotShot has developed an LNBF support arm heater that conveniently connects via an accessory plug attached to the main Heater Blanket. It switches on/off in parallel with the HotShot heater thermostat sensor. This LNBF support arm heater prevents the build up of snow on the support arm which can cause signal interference.
Over 10 years of field tested reliability Yes No HotShot has been in production for over 15 years and is extremely effective in preventing signal outage due to snow/ice build up.

Heating Blanket Comparison

Other Dish Blankets Don't Even Come Close to a HotShot Dish Heater